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A little sad that after so long, jQuery-tokeninput still doesn't support adding new tags.

I needed a simple solution for tagging. The usual Tag => HABTM <= User stuff.

I tried a different solution, using Drew Wilson's Autosuggest and ActsAsTaggableOn. Save the tag tokens as textfields and insert those those as tags.

    def tag_tokens=(tags)
      # Tag tokens is a method for the JS script to pass in a comma delimited string of tag names
      if tags.present?
        self.tag_list = [] # For removing tags to work. So tags are re-assigned everytime
        self.tag_list << tags.split(",").reject{|t|t.empty?}

Because ActsAsTaggableOn has those stuff like removing entries without associations etc, so that's all I did.


It seems that Copycopter is officially shutting down on 15th April and the service will not live on in any way.




After this Railscast, I decided to try to implementing Bootstrap into a project that has gone halfway without a designer (i.e. the devt did hackish work outside his scope to help beef up the design).

Bootstrap is really good.

I used Less with the Crunch compiler to generate the CSS files instead of all the gem plugins. Spent 2-3 hours restructuring the layout, tweak some color schemes using Crunch and output. Everything worked out in a day =)

Thanks Ryan and Twitter.


Yes Ryan is right. Anything before IE 9 is an older version of erm, any web browser?


Hey Ryan, Merry Xmas from a Rails noob. This and Autocomplete revised was the two episodes that made me decide to subscribe too.

Just wanted to let you know your railscasts was the thing that really cleared up my RoR concepts, it's just awesome visual learning by example. Thanks!