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GitHub User: chessguy

Site: https://www.impartial-review.com/

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I get the following error when I try this on Ubuntu 10.04. Does anyone have any suggestions?

OAuth::Unauthorized (401 Unauthorized):
oauth (0.4.6) lib/oauth/consumer.rb:216:in token_request'
oauth (0.4.6) lib/oauth/consumer.rb:136:in


Yes, no example for Twitter is provided on the devise Wiki link and it takes a different approach than is provided in Ryan's earlier screencast with Devise and omniauth.


You can also add

feed.icon '/assets/icons/feed.gif'

For the atom feed, does anyone know how to add an image for each article? I've seen some websites that do that.


Any ideas as to why I receive the following error message when I run rake db:bootstrap --trace per the instructions in the readme for this episode?

This task will destroy any data in the database. Are you sure you want to
continue? [y/n] y
rake aborted!
undefined method set_preference' for nil:NilClass
/home/family/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.2-p290/gems/spree_core-0.70.1/lib/spree/preference_access.rb:18:in block in set'
/home/family/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.2-p290/gems/spree_core-0.70.1/lib/spree/preference_access.rb:17:in set'


Henrik is right. Ryan does have a way of posting videos on exactly what I need. I believe Ryan is out best evidence for the paranormal to date :). From the paintings, it looks like talent runs in the family!