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GitHub User: karmi

Site: http://www.karmi.cz

Comments by Karel Minarik



ad 1) yes, that's a Kaminari related issue. I guess it's trivial to define a paginate method, but nevertheless, there's a patch including the paginate methods for Kaminari based projects already.

ad 2) I don't understand the issue here, ie. what is "including" query do. Best to submit an issue at Github.


Technically, it should be possibly, when you'd use the :load option. Using filters and not using :load is of course much more preferable.


@Imbacelar: Search for "kaminari" in issues at Github, there are plenty of examples which will get you started.


You can search across multiple indices (= model indices, eg. "articles" and "comments") with the Tire lower-level DSL. You can extract that into a separate class, search across the models and merge results manually by score, etc.

No built-in multimodel search a la ThinkingSphinx, at the moment...

You can see a discussion about this topic at https://github.com/karmi/tire/pull/131


There are some "ES as service" providers, but no Heroku addon, yet.

However, the latency issues are not particularly interesting here, since Heroku runs on AWS, so you should get a very small latency when you set up your ES nodes at AWS.