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Comments by Tom Canham


So, I've yet to see a good description of how to make caching play nicely with a user login status panel. You know, the little "logged in as John Smith" div that every Devise-based Rails app seems to have.

Obviously, you don't want this to be cached publicly, but then you lose all of that wonderful public cache goodness with Rack::Cache. I saw the conditional content bit at the end for public caching, but I'm not sure exactly how that would work -- does that mean that anyone who hits this page simply wouldn't see those elements? If so, how do you render flash notices or login status?

This -- the fact that there's usually just one or two parts of a complicated page that I DON'T want to cache publicly -- is what stops me from using public caching in Rails. I'd love to hear comments; it's quite possible that I am simply misunderstanding how it works. Maybe some more quality time with curl would help me...