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GitHub User: cannikin

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Comments by Rob Cameron


Anyone have any tips for testing this thing? If you test the ProductsDatatable class on it's own (rather than testing the results of the products/index controller action) how can you instantiate a view_context on initialization? Or is it best to just rely on mocking/stubbing everything that would normally exist in the context of a normal request?

Looking back to the Presenters from Scratch screencast looks like it might be something like this?

class ProductDatatableTest < ActionView::TestCase
  test "something or other" do
    datatable = ProductDatatable.new(view)
    # but, how to set the params for the view?

This is the first time I've ever seen "caching" implemented by storing something in Thread.current...is this somewhat of a standard practice? Anyone have any links to more explanation of this technique?