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try it

link_to(image_tag('icons/edit.png', :title => "Edit " +page.name), edit_page_path(page)) + "  " + link_to(image_tag('icons/show.png', :title => "Show " +page.name), show_page_path(page)) + "  " + link_to(image_tag('icons/delete.png', :title => "Delete " +page.name), page, method: :delete, data: { confirm: 'Are you sure?' })

How to give size storage of tenant? Is it possible to check the actual size of the tenant through the Rails application? If so, can i get a detailed view such as how many size of tenant?

Any thoughts?


hi Ryan,

confirm "Are you sure?" at destroy not working,
i use rails 3.2.0,
How to fix?

thx for help