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Comments by chris


Thank you, Ryan Bates ... beauty, even in work, speaks for itself.

I have actually viewed and coded every single episode
... yes, play+pause+type, repeat ... the ASCIIcasts really help doing this.
It kind of helps to take the 'Monday' out of Mondays.

Will there be a script or something like ASCIIcasts for the pro versions ?

This is just a thought, not a criticism, but I was wondering if it might
be possible to purchase individual pro episodes ?

I mean a pricing scheme similar to renting movies/games at one of
those redbox kiosks ... a $1 is a great price. In this area they have
really caught on at grocery stores and 7-11's ... I almost expect to
see one on my porch one day. I think a recurring payment might be
a barrier to some, especially during these troubled times ... just a thought.

Thank you again.


Thanks for the great screencast (all of them)!
I agree with the others about having a
followup screencast on authentication.
In particular it would be nice to see
how to replace Authlogic's feature of
using "?user_credentials=xxxxx" for
API requests.