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Comments by Ender


Cheers mate. It was really helpful ;)


what about "/projects/yardwork" ?

How should I search with this pretty URL?


Great episode thank you but I have a question about listing activities. Why are some activities duplicated like update?


What about utf-8? I cannot see Turkish characters in pdf file :/


But there is a problem. When try to record the data to db. There are lots of datas in ther e because of numbers of country and state field. For example you write name Bob, choose USA, and state NewYork. Datas are created many times Bob USA NewYork. Why?


I've a Rails3 App with MySQL DB. I set vagrant and I arrange all gems for running my Rails3 app on vagrant but I faced with this error message when I want to run server,

/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/rubygems/dependency.rb:52:in `initialize': Valid types are [:development, :runtime], not nil (ArgumentError)

Do you know the solution of this?


You can watch previous episode which is about Sorcery.