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I would really like to see also email account confirmation implementation, Thanks Ryan!


What I mean with my last quote is the following: The idea is NOT to know how to build, for example, Active Record, but understanding better the code and the process - through a reading for example?


Great episode Ryan! I really like the introduction of Basalmiq as I've just discover this tool!

I would really LOVE to see some Ruby screencasts here (even if it's "Rails"-cast), starting with basics to metaprogramming. It could be a great, great addition associated with your "classic" rails screencasts.

I have to say my bigger problem is, even after reading few ruby books, that is still hard (for me) to understand how rails does things under the hood, and to understand WELL all parts of the framework. To be more explicit, Rails does things, but I often question myself with why? and how? (And I think most of this is because I am not enough proficient in Ruby - However, I have to say I'm starting to understand rails better through the study of another framework/language, as I started with rails/ruby)

Your episode 299: "Rails Initialization Walkthrough" was a great starting point of what I mean, and it could be awesome to see more screencasts like this in the future ;) Thanks!


Me too!!

I would love to see a wizard episode + the integration of a "Devise registration step" in order to see how to customize Devise with this and how to create a multi-steps form with multiple forms.



Here's an update:

accepts_nested_attributes_for :questions, :reject_if => proc { |attributes| attributes['content'].blank? }

attr_accessible :questions_attributes

Thanks a lot for this screencast! Do you think Faye could work on Heroku?


I'm agree with Jimmy.. Hope to see a second episode with the other features!!