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Thank you very much for those suggestions, Nik and Luis. I really appreciate the pointers. I personally really don't find a slider to be a very effective input tool for time. I could live with 3 selects (12-hour, minute, am/pm) or just text entry (like Basecamp's current event entry interface), but integrated into the datepicker. I'll keep looking. The hint from the Kalendae developer that time is in the works is encouraging. I hadn't been aware of that project, so thanks for the link!


Fantastic. Timely. I'm working at revising an app we use to schedule assignments in our small photo business. (Internal use, not client-facing.) I'm using FullCalendar for the calendar but I am really getting frustrated by not being able to find a dateTIMEpicker that's as clean and sophisticated as the jQueryUI datepicker. I don't care much for the ones I've seen that use a slider for the hour/minute, and the one I used for the original version of this app is pretty out of date. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm fine with a select widget for hour/minute, but it needs to be integrated within the popup calendar widget. I'm about ready to settle for a simple text entry field (with Chronic) instead, ispired by the Virtual Attribute revised episode from a short while back.

I really love what you have demonstrated about making a calendar from scratch. I think I'll stick with FullCalendar for my project though, because I need event blocks to overlap (to indicate schedule conflicts) and to be able to colorize different types of events (confirmed, tentative, staff appointments...)

Thank you so much, Ryan!


Thanks for the tip, Daniel. I'm re-writing from scratch (rather than trying to update) an app I did in Rails 2.3.8. Back then, I used the easy_roles gem based on one of Ryan's screencasts from that period. Since so much is new in 3.2.1 (including this excellent built-in authentication functionality) I was reluctant to risk blending old with new. I'll investigate cancan, and I appreciate your suggestion.


Any thoughts on revising the episode(s) on Roles? Logging in is important, but I'm about to need to figure out how to allow an administrator to do some destructive actions that a less qualified User would not be permitted to perform. Thanks!