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After this and the Pro episode I switched over to sass-rails and everything is generally good, except that this: rails g bootstrap:themed products -f

No longer works. You can do it all manually, but it would be nice to use the generator. Anyone have any suggestions?


Not sure if anyone else will have this problem, but I first added twitter-bootstrap-rails, then tried out boostrap-sass, then tried to go back and there is some kind of gnarly dependency error that chokes on 'therubyracer'. After a lot of Googling, it looks to be unresolved and I'm seeing show-stopper suggestions like "switch your development platform" :/

Anyway, it could very well be my environment, but be warned if you want to just "test out" bootstrap-sass, you might have a hard time getting back.

In any case, switching back to bootstrap-sass was no problem (once you delete bootstrap.js.coffee, per @kikouli). I was very torn on which way to go and this made my mind up for me, so maybe it worked out better in the end!


Thanks a lot, this helped me too. I was going to delete that, but RubyMine was barking at me telling me "require bootstrap" needed that file to be there. Works fine now.