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could you explain what exactly you remove? Have problems with private pub also using simple_form but no idea to what line you are referring to, thx!


Also interested in this, hope Ryan can share some light on this question and the one above ;)


Publish_to from a controller doesn't seem to work ( States in manual this is possible ) or I misred or I did something wrong.

Say I have

PrivatePub.publish_to("/notification", "alert('blablabalabl');")

And in my /app/views/index.erb
<%= subscribe_to "/notification" %>

My understanding was this should publish to the /notifications and push the alert out, but that isn't the case. What am I missing here? Thx for the great gem


Great Tutorial now only problem I have with this ( After upgrading to rails 3.1)

Missing template messages/create
I cloned the rails casts and setup the 260 after version in a clean directory.

create.js.erb is also there,
anyone an idea how to get this to work with 3.1? Thx!