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GitHub User: cheeby

Site: wiscota.com

Comments by steve fox


I still read these. :)

Did you resolve your permissions issue?


Is there a way to track views? e.g., steve viewed ryan's lasagne recipe.


this worked for me. thanks. the system could not locate bundle.


For what it's worth, if you are using the refinery-calendar with refinerycms and want to embed a calendar grid, the month-to-month navigation like this won't work, and will throw a routing error when you load the page:

=link_to "<", date: @date.prev_month

Instead, you'll need

=link_to "<", refinery.url_for(date: @date.prev_month)

which works just fine. Something of a quirk in Rails' mountable engines routing.



ok. So I just edited /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default and changed the root element in server {} to

root /usr/share/nginx/html

rather than

root /usr/share/nginx/www

and it works. Moving on. Once I get the kids. :)


I also. I'll look further tonight, but have either of you resolved this? Here is the error in the nginx/error.log:

rewrite or internal redirection cycle while internally redirecting to "/index.html"

so it's something in the default config settings.


note that if you precompile your assets in dev, you'll need to mv or rm /public/assets if you want any future changes to a .css.sass file to show up. At least that is the case here :)


This is weird. I have a model called calendar_event. So, in the .coffee file I have

jQuery ->

dateFormat: 'yy-mm-dd'

which isn't firing datepicker as expected. Does the multi-word model have an effect on jQuery? I've used datepicker before without issue, but all models have been of one word.




After running gem install vagrant, I attempted to add a box, but it can't find vagrant?

$> vagrant box add lucid64 http://files.vagrantup.com/lucid64.box
-bash: vagrant: command not found

Anyone else run in to this?


has anyone used this with paperclip or carrierwave for swapping out images on-the-fly?