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I removed the :cli => --drb from the Guard file, as there is the --drb in the .rspec file. It is working now, but growl is not.



Guys, I have everything working fine (spark, guard, rspec, and growl) but when spark runs everything I don't get any spec output through spork?

puts "Reloading Spork for RSpec
Using RSpec
Preloading Rails environment
Loading Spork.prefork block...
Spork is ready and listening on 8989!
Spork server for RSpec successfully reloaded
Running: spec
Running tests with args ["--color", "--format", "Guard::RSpec::Formatter::NotificationRSpec", "--out", "/dev/null", "--require", "/Users/nathansturgess/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.2-p290@rails3tutorial/gems/guard-rspec-0.5.11/lib/guard/rspec/formatters/notification_rspec.rb", "spec"]...