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Not to be that guy, but as i usually see valid questions after the railscasts episodes, I'm wondering why Ryan doesn't seem to respond to any of them anymore. I love railscasts and have been a pro member since the beginning, but a lot of the time valid questions asked directly to Ryan or the community go unanswered. I think for the number of pro members and the posts it would be helpful to get an experts opinion on the valid points that are brought up after each episode is released. I'm not saying directly that this episode is the root of the problem, I'm just looking at the overall picture after about a year of pro episodes.

Disclaimer: This is not a troll post and I greatly value both the content and quality of the episodes. Just bringing up a valid point.

Heck a lot of the times the gem author even ends up contributing in most of them, but it seems like Ryan is ususally mum lately after each episode has been released. Now I know he is a busy guy and has a lot on his plate, but at least answer a few questions after the initial release, when the iron is hot, I don't expect him to answer all questions, but some feedback or clarification would be appreciated.

Again, sorry to be that guy on the forum.