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Thanks for the tip!

I was using this settings logic: http://speakmy.name/2011/05/29/simple-configuration-for-ruby-apps/

Bad thing is, they aren't always loaded, I had some cases in the workers where the Settings weren't actually available.


I enjoyed Railscasts for years, I pretty much learned rails through railscasts. This month I got my subscription to pro. I don't regret one penny.
I guess, in the long run, that's necessary to keep Ryan doing what he does. Advertising financed only gets you so far.

And important episodes, like this one, may help in creating a bit more revenue, don't you think?

<%= f.input :name, :wrapper_html => { :class => 'input-section' }, :input_html => { :class => 'input_form', :placeholder => "name" }%>

You can have SimpleForm to generate those wrappers by default, so you won't clutter your views with styles.

The docs are really easy to read, well written.


Too bad that many nice solutions are hardwired to ActiveRecord and SQL.

I had hoped that ActiveModel would enable them to build things working with MongoDB or Datemapper too.
But it seems those are too different after all.