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GitHub User: tibastral

Site: http://thibaut-assus.heroku.com

Comments by Thibaut Assus


Amazing episode Ryan, as always !

And I love your last words about others skills than programming ! I personally want to make music in 2013 :)

If you are interested in listening to my music, check out https://soundcloud.com/thibaut-assus-1 :)

I would be also amazed that you could come Ryan to Paris.rb ! I have a couch and I can show you some amazing places in of Paris ! => http://meetup.rubyparis.org/

Happy new year, and stay how you are, amazing and so helpful !


These 2 screencasts was really amazing Ryan.
Thank you very much for that stuff.

I always love your clarity (sometimes it's still very complicated though, even if you try to make it as simple as possible ;))

What I don't like with backbone is that you can't generate your forms based on your backend models (as simple_form does it for you)...

Any Idea ?


Very nice stuff Ryan !
You always are a precursor ;)

But what I'm asking is : to push further, why not using node.js and being able to transparently share code between the client and the server ?

Don't make me wrong, I love ruby and want to continue to work with rails !