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Comments by Marc Remolt


Don't think so. Those comments are great free advertising for Ryan and show both how people like the screencast and how good his support is.


Great screencast as always, thanks!

One possible improvement (at least for me) is the block usage of Timecop#freeze.

Instead of having to call #return explicitly, I prefer to put the frozen code in a block, like:

Timecop.freeze do
  # ...

That way it automatically returns from the frozen time and also makes explicit which code is frozen via indentation.


I also noticed that the ogv version shows a play duration of 1:37:58 (vlc on ubuntu 64). The mp4 version displays the correct duration. Otherwise the video runs fine.

Just my box or a general strangeness?

Really looking forward to more of rails 3.1!


Argh ... new layout ... changes ... must ... adapt ...

Seriously, gz on the redesign!

The logo and intro music remind me somehow of retro style car racing games. Something like "Racing on Rails with Ryan".