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Thanks for advice...

Change should be in app/layouts/mercury.html.erb
saveStyle: null, // 'form', or 'json' (default json)

Changing null to 'form' did solve my problem.

Just to tell because I have been looking in mercury.js for quite a long time :-).


I'm having troubles with mercury params (Rails 3.1.1rc1). I can read from console

{"content"=>"{\"article_title\":{\"type\":\"editable\",\"value\":\"hello-ise\",\"snippets\":{}},\"article_body\":{\"type\":\"editable\",\"value\":\"\n \tworld\n \n \t \",\"snippets\":{}}}", "locale"=>"fr", "id"=>"1"}

Somehow, under rails 3,1, mercury seems to escape parameters. And params in controller is wrongly interpreted.

Am I the only one to feel stupid?

Thanks to enlight me