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Ryan this is great, I've been recently wondering about the possibility of using Rack to power a really simple web site that just barely isn't static, but doesn't require most of the power of Rails. I wasn't really sure where to start, but this is a fantastic intro and has me well on my way. Thanks!!


Shells (like zsh) are a system-wide thing, so I don't think the terminal client you choose should matter. I setup zsh once and it run the same way in both Terminal and Coda, so I would be pretty surprised if it didn't also run in any other terminal client (iTerm2).



This is really awesome, thanks for the screencast. Testing JS functionality is a huge improvement for me -- however, it seems to come at a pretty steep speed cost.

Is there a way to configure the specs (or more specifically, to configure Guard) to NOT run JS specs by default? I would prefer to only run those when I run the entire test suite, or if I've "enabled" js testing somehow.

Because guard calls the request spec whenever I do any work on the controller or other request specs, and because the request spec now runs selenium to test in firefox, my guard setup is now painfully slow when I'm working on anything that has associated js tests...