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GitHub User: LindaRubyRailStudent

Comments by Linda Keating


Hi I'm wondering if anybody else ran into the problem with drawWinner()

I'm getting the error

Uncaught TypeError: Cannont call methoed 'drawWinner' of undefined.

I've gone back over the code above and copied and pasted it but still no luck. Any ideas?



I was having the same problem and moving the require_tree means that the Raffler and Backbone not defined errors have gone. However the route is still not calling the Index function - so I don't see any alert on loading the page. Any ideas of where I can take it from here?


I was having the same problem as Cenature and moving the require_tree to the bottom of the page helped, and now I do not see any errors. However the index function is still not being called so I do not receive the alert 'home page' on loading the application. Anybody else with the same problem?