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Comments by David Moore


Cheers Ryan, much appreciated.

One thing tho (that doesn't really matter!)...

entires_controller.js.coffee should be entries_controller.js.coffee surely?

+1 on Rachid comments - one of the things I love about railscasts is how succinct they are.


Exactly! We decided to use Bootstrap for a project on Monday afternoon, we started it last night and then Ryan posts two railscasts on it?! I can only assumed you're spying on us Ryan, it's the only logical conclusion. : )

Cheers for your hard work.


Thanks Ryan, I'm about to do exactly this on a project and I've only been coding for in Ruby for three months. This cast is a massive help, thanks so much.

I'll be figuring out cancelled subs and failed transactions myself in the next few days, but still, + 1 for a part 2!

: )