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This bug is a #1 priority to fix, if I can get a hold of what is causing it. Unfortunately, finding the exact cause has been difficult. :(


Thanks for the screencast! This was a fantastic introduction to Vagrant. Some suggestions for next things to look into on Vagrant after this screencast:

  • Instead of manually using shell commands to setup your environment, but also to avoid the complexities of Chef, check out the Shell provisioner. You just pass it a shell script on your local machine, and it runs it on the remote machine.

  • Host-only networking is very useful, as it allows you to set a static IP on your machine. Rather than forwarding each port you need, you can access any port (assuming you have no firewalls on the machine). Also, you can use something like Ghost to assign hostnames to the VM.

  • For Rails especially, NFS shared folders become very important, since there is a bug in Virtualbox which causes performance to degrade with many files in the shared folder. NFS avoid this issue.

Thanks again Ryan! I'm a big fan of RailsCasts and a happy previous viewer (I no longer do much rails dev :().