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I am not concerned that Ryan is no longer responding directly, BTW. Having the gem author, or other community members involved is a great thing. More people means more brains, and better answers.

I do fear that his lack of response, and the recent mail about dropping the free episode frequency, is a warning sign.


We can expect him to fulfill the promise of "one pro episode per week" though. I have mailed him using the feedback on this site asking what's up, but overall the frequency of pro episodes has been less than one a week -- nearly one every 2 weeks in some cases.

411 came out on Mar 27, and 410 on Mar 12 -- 15 days. March 12 to Mar 4 is 8 days, and March 4 to Feb 14 is well over two weeks apart.

I understand he has other tasks, but if we buy into something with a promise, I would like that promise to be fulfilled, or we change the terms. I too would find the lack of something like Railscasts a serious loss to the Rails community, but if he can't fulfill the terms under which I signed up for the pro episodes, having already dropped the free ones somewhat, then we need to have new terms agreed upon.