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Today (10/18/2013) I went to play the video and it will not load

"Can't Play video Media Source loading has failed"

Could someone look into this please? Your other railscasts work fine.




Hi Ryan, and thanks fpr the nice 'cast. As I used it everything went well..

But now, I am writing a server API call for the iPhone that will allow a user to log in via their email and password and return the auth_token, in the event that it gets "lost" (ie. new iPhone, app gets un-installed, etc) so that the app can store it in the device for authentication, where we normally pass


for all of the authentications on the calls we make

In rails remote API call:

user = User.where(:email => data['email'], :password =>
data['password']).firstuser = User.where(:email =>
data['email'], :password => data['password']).first

I need to "intercept" the Devise hidden controllers to be able to post the remote login call to my server and RETURN the authentication_token as the API response so that it can then be stored in the mobile device and used for subsequent

Does anybody have any ideas how I might do this?




Hi All, I cannot get my custom /lib/tasks/test.rake :greet task to run like in the railscast. From the app's root "/var/www/id360/", when I issue "rake greet" I get:

(in /var/www/id360)
rake aborted!
Don't know how to build task 'greet'

It seems that rake is not looking in /lib/tasks/ for my "test.rake".

How can I correct this?