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Meteor currently is heavily reliant on mongodb because it uses minimongo on the front end. I believe there are a few groups looking to implement a Postgres version on the backend. I think Mongo makes Meteor better because it forces you to design your applications with speed in mind.


This episode will help solidify a lot of testing headaches. We're currently using javascript to manipulate time zones but I think this episode provides great in depth insight into how to manipulate time zones for testing. Thanks Ryan.


great episode Ryan! It's good to see the powerful features of imagemagick used in a real world situation as opposed to just being listed.


I'm just glad the term "bootstrap" was not included anywhere in this video. Seems that's become such a buzz word as of late. Great episode Ryan! As Trung said, the sprite aspect is pretty slick.


Was asked today to implement a simple application that lets people submit tickets without persisting them to the database. This is going to work perfectly. Thanks Ryan!