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Thank you for you railscasts. I was trying to implement Paypal Payments Standard. There was some issues about that and i hope this would help someone like me.

In model i had to change the cmd: to '_xclick', while in view it still '_s-xlick'. I deleted the section with values.merge!, because it didn't work and i just added amount: and item_name: right to values hash like that:

values = { business: xxx@yy.com',
cmd: '_xclick',
amount: total_price,
item_name: "here is your description",
upload: 1,
:return => return_url,
invoice: id,
notify_url: notify_url,
:currency_code => 'USD',
cert_id: "xxxxxxxxxxxxx"

Note that you have to do something with invoice, because there will not be 2 transactions with the same invoice. Hope it helps!