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Comments by Michael Dausmann


This stumped me as well and caused me to burn several days. In the end it was a simple restart of unicorn that fixed it

/etc/init.d/unicorn_my_app stop
/etc/init.d/unicorn_my_app start

Which i got from this ref


on the up side, while I was tearing out my hair and trawling the internet for knowledgez, I learned more about bundler and gemfile.lock and cap deploy:rollback and rails console (bundle exec rails console -e production

so all around not a loss.


I had the same issue. I found that I needed to do the # ssh setup steps before I attempted cap deploy:setup. In the video, the ssh is done after and appears to be convenience only but in the show notes its before.


I did try that but it didn't work and I found it difficult to figure out what was going wrong.. killed the droplet and started from scratch with an empty ubuntu image.