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GitHub User: danweller18

Site: http://rubyonrailshelp.wordpress.com/

Comments by Daniel Weller


If anyone runs into a runtime error when trying to display the omniauth in yaml using this code RuntimeError raise request.env["omniauth.auth"].to_yaml

Try this instead render :text => "<pre>" + env["omniauth.auth"].to_yaml


I get an issue when I include validates_format_of :email, :with => /^[-a-z0-9_+\.]+\@([-a-z0-9]+\.)+[a-z0-9]{2,4}$/i in app/models/message.rb. If I replace it with /\A([\w\.%\+\-]+)@([\w\-]+\.)+([\w]{2,})\z/i (found at Contact us functionality in Rails 3 - answer from JJD) it seems to work.

The error I receive says "The provided regular expression is using multiline anchors (^ or $), which may present a security risk. Did you mean to use \A and \z, or forgot to add the :multiline => true option?"

Note* I am using Rails 4 - not sure if it makes a difference. Does anyone else have this problem?