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Comments by Katie Vikulova


Thanks a lot, this was very helpful. Just got the last part with arrows to work, looks great! The only problem I had is that when I write in css a .current .asc{} or th .current .asc{} it doesn't work, I used th .asc{} and th .desc{} which worked. (Not sure why it has problem stacking two classes.)
Also for images url is: url(/assets/arrow_up.png); So basically had to replace "images" with "assets" and it works.


I'm not getting any output into the log file. How can I get it to write to file? Not sure what it's supposed to write to log in this tutorial (?), but it's not writing anything for me. Command system "rake reload --trace >> #{Rails.root}/log/rake.log &"


Hi. I'm using this in Rails 4 and I have params like so:

def user_params
params.require(:user).permit(:email, :password_hash, :password_salt, :password)

Is it ok to put :password into params here? The code doesn't work (doesn't save) without it. Should be ok since "password" is not in database, but I'd like a confirmation.