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Hello very nice screencast but i'm stuck with a small issue hope u help me out.

In my case when i click on the links, it gets stuck on 'page loading' message forever. It does NOT refresh or render anything.

Just for your info i'm using haml not erb. So i named the file index.js.haml

I'm using latest jquery(3.0.4) through jquery-rails gem


I did everything as given in the tutorial, but somehow i couldn't seem to generate latitude and longitude automatically when i leave the values blank.

Throws an error infact in "show.html.erb" in this particular line
<% for location in @location.nearbys(10) %> -> error line

undefined method `each' for nil:NilClass -> error

Can any1 pls help. Thanks in advance.

PS: Im using rails 4 so i don't have to write the attr_accessible line. Just to mention.