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Really awesome but both rails_panel and better errors only support mac for editor integration? Sad, have linux users really become so rare that nobody cares?


Koala.http_service.http_options = {
:ssl => { :ca_path => "/etc/ssl/certs" }

That ca_path is a path to your system wide ca_certs, in Ubuntu they are located at /usr/lib/ssl/certs.


I can't remember the details but I was having trouble with localtunnel so I wrote this little one liner that has been working perfectly for me for a while.

I have test callbacks from a few services configured use this url for development debugging.

#!/usr/bin/env bash
ssh -gtNR 3000:localhost:3000 you@yourserver.com

In case anyone else can use this.


Hey did you ever find a solution to the heroku problems you were having? Have you seen this article on heroku? I was just about to implement delayed_job on heroku when I saw your post.



This ended up being very simple. First of all, like other's have mentioned, it isn't required to save the salt. In fact, BCrypt now has much nicer helpers to create/check/save passwords. Here is a gist of the relevant lines from my User model. I use mongodb + mongoid and instead of renaming the encrypted_password field from devise (which is called the hash in the railcast) I just continue to use encrypted_password name (so no migration needed even for other db I think):



Any suggestions on migrating an existing devise db to use this scratch-built solution?