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I agree with Tony, I like these walkthroughs, learn a lot on in and out of Rails. Actually I rather have video where we talk about smaller sections instead of a large topic of view/controller walkthrough it's just too much information crammed into a short video


actually nvm i figured it out I just used a form_for :car(replace with your model name)

then call current_user.create_car etc... in my profile controller.
with added strong param for car params

now I'm wondering if I can make this cleaner with method mission or delegate so I don't have to chain methods so much in controller


does any one know how to make something like this work with 2 none nested models? for example I have user model that has one profile(model) and one car(model)

both profile and car models are nested under user but car and profile has no relationship. I figure I can do a form_for user and use both field_for profile/car but is there a better way to do this?


hey Jose,

can you point me to some resources as to how I can accomplish this with js/jquery. :D