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Comments by Michael


I guess STI with a document database is also a very nice solution. You dont have any nuls in those types of databases and the data is more saved as 1 object instead of several rows.


No offense but, using a gem is fine but dont you think you could write it from scratch so you dont work 1 day of adding a feature to it? It will take you a couple of hours to write authentication from scratch.


Somebody knows if this is also compatible with CouchRest Model? (Couchdb)


Be very careful with this. The query you use will fetch all the users and puts LOWER to it. If you have 100.000 users, it will fetch them all and it wont use indexes.

It is better you put after create filters to lower case the email address.


This feature is a replacement of pseudo_cursors. I just found out after some errors when migrating to Rails 2.3