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One thing that isn't clear is this: Does a User have to authenticate with Twitter (through, like OmniAuth), or can they just authorize an app with read | read/write access?


I would like to know if anyone has ever implemented their own registration/login system like what Ryan demonstrates here, and also include OmniAuth for authorizing external APIs like Facebook, etc.?

I have a specification that requires the user to register/login through our system, but they still need external API authorization(account access, data sharing, etc.) this means that even though they can tie in social media account and share information back and forth, they can't use an external API to register for our site. Does anyone have any suggestions? I guess my first question is - is what we need to do compatible with what OmniAuth allows?


Has anyone tried to implement an Activity tracker (see ep. 407, with this?


I prefer this approach to that of StrongParameters, which is now part of Rails4. Anyone have an idea of how this approach compares to SP? I ask because this episode was produced after your StrongParameters episode.