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Agree! I don't like cluttered views. I feel Backbone is a more elegant and unobtrusive solution.


I found the problem was rspec-rails (2.6.1) wouldn't include RSpec::Rails::RailsExampleGroup in a custom example group for you. So putting config.include RSpec::Rails::RailsExampleGroup, example_group: {file_path: %r{spec/presenters}} before include ActionView::TestCase::Behavior will work. I must be using a different version of rspec-rails.


Hi, I think Lee didn't use 'setup' method in his code, the same thing is happening to me and the output indicates the error occurred on actionpack-3.1.0/lib/action_controller/test_case.rb:12; Full trace is here https://gist.github.com/1453733. Any ideas? thanks!