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Actually - I am not sure, my 'current_user' is broken right now, the status is not stored, so I never see the "Log out" button, any ideas anyone? I can log-in and sign-up, just can't 'log-out' or get the current_user to work...


Also noticed (for Rails4):

layouts/application.html.erb, we should be using the instance variable instead for current_user, so it should be "<% if @current_user %>"


I was having this issue, and it could be due to the version of Rails I am using.

I get 'create new user' error: "ActiveModel::ForbiddenAttributesError when creating new user" and I looked it up on StackOverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17335329/activemodelforbiddenattributeserror-when-creating-new-user

That link solved my problem.


I second that - this worked for me as well, just adding the below gems

bootstrap gem

gem 'therubyracer'
gem 'less-rails'
gem 'twitter-bootstrap-rails'