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Comments by Marius


Nice job with the new design!
Not to sound picky but, any plans to have mkv format as well?


@Piotr Kurek

you could do something like this in the application controller.

  def logged_in?
    unless session[:user_id]
      flash[:notice] = "You need to log in first."
      redirect_to some_path
      return false
      return true

and then add a:

before_filter :logged_in?

to the controllers you want to protect.

PS: Nice screencast, congrats on 250th episode and +1 to a screencat on "account verification via email, password resetting, and a "remember me" option and others!"


thx a lot for this.

How about an "edit multiple records in one form, without checkboxes"?!
Using your products example.