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Comments by Robert Brewitz


Bootstrap is a really effective, saved a lot of time in my teams development cycles :)

Just a quick note on less/sass/haml contra less/css/erb

Due to some issues getting team members to wrap their head around sass and haml we're using the following gems:

gem 'less', '2.0.9'
gem 'less-rails', '2.1.6'
gem 'less-rails-bootstrap', '2.0.6'

instead of

gem 'sass-rails'

Works great as well together with simple form.


Worth to mention that I had to add the 'type' options to make capybara work properly.

describe 'As a user I want to create a new account', type: :request do
  # ...

tags: paths NoMethodError undefined method 'visit'


Using it for my puppy project, flows smoothly now after some tinkering :-)


I got testing with rspec working here, note that I am using mongo(oid) and not ActiveRecord (same principle though):

NOTE: I think I found some bug in the rails plugin new generator with camel casing. More here: