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GitHub User: mecampbellsoup

Site: http://mattcampbell.nyc/

Comments by Matt Campbell


One comment: the persisted? public instance method defaults to return false.


Hey guys -

Does anyone know if there's a way to get the Faye server (the one that Thin is used for) to actually log anything to console?

When I rackup the Faye server, I don't have the nice Rails-y output in the terminal - it just seems to hang (though it's definitely serving requests, just not saying anything about what it's doing in the background).

Here's what I mean:


It'd be nice if I could specify something in the faye.ru file (some config option) that told Faye to expose verbose server logs.


Thanks David, this was annoying me!

Any idea why it just crashes the server like that? Seems pretty flimsy to me but what do I know.