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My first comment seemed a little harsh after I read it. RABL is open source, and I am so grateful for people who take time out of there lives to contribute to open software.

What the comment should have said is.

"If you have performance concerns, or concerns of any type, it is always a good idea to take a peak at the issues page and make an informed decision."

Also, please note, I have never done any API versioning with ActiveModel::Serializers, never even looked up how to do it. And I can imagine that this is trickier than a view based approach.

However, I would also say, API versions don't (shouldn't) change very often, and performance is always a concern. You should do some research, benchmark all three json serializers, and see which one is best for you. Your experiences may be different than mine.


At this moment (and this will change), look at the first five issues for RABL, four of them dealing with Caching.



I have been writing backbonejs apps on top of rails for two years. The first company I worked for used JBuilder, and the company I work for now uses RABL. Both are neat, but I have yet to find an easy way to do caching with them. Last year I stumbled on this article http://www.broadcastingadam.com/2012/07/advanced_caching_part_6-fast_json_apis/ and now all of my personal projects are ActiveModel::Serializers. Super easy way to cache json responses.


So how would you cache json? I think I am missing something obvious.



Awesome episode, would you suggest using this approach to setup vagrant for development?