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Comments by Jonathan Tushman


Not convinced about this project -- think it would be good for folks that have a lot experience with Threads and like this new nifty syntax. But i think it abstracts a lot of core concepts (Creating Threads, join(), Mutexs, blocking) that people new to concurrency should experience first hand before trying this.


Thanks guys for the discussion. I also found this good conversion on SO.

My take away is (at least for me), all or nothing seems the best way to go.


Right, but most client-facing tools, like Mailchimp, should offer http as well.


Thanks Ryan.

What are the benefits of keeping part of your site http, once you have gone through the trouble of setting up a ssl certificate? Is there really that significant of a performance hit in using https?


Wow! Super impressive. Thanks a lot Ryan. I was intrigued by backbone.js, but it really seemed confusing to me. Meteor has a lot of qualities that Rails had that made me want to dive in. I look forward to using it


VCR for me has been a total game changer. Here is a snip-it to create a @vcr tag for cucumber scenarios:

Around('@vcr') do |scenario, block|
  s_name = scenario.name.underscore.gsub(/[^\w\/]+/, "_")
  f_name = scenario.feature.name.underscore.gsub(/[^\w\/]+/, "_")
  VCR.use_cassette("/scenarios/#{f_name}/#{s_name}", record: :once) { block.call }