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GitHub User: alh13

Site: http://www.midnightowlsw.com/

Comments by Adrian Hosey


+1 this. I like the idea of form objects but I also like having the validations defined on the models to help make sure things like Rake tasks obey the business rules. I might try leaving the validations defined on the model and then having the form object delegate the valid? and errors() methods to the model.


Thanks for the Ember series, Ryan. ExtJS has taught me how NOT to do SPAs, now I'm looking for ways to do them right. Will there be, or could there be, an Ember Part 3 episode covering validation, error handling, and testing?


Re: memory leaks, it seems like it would be easy to attach a counter to the JS context and say, every 1000 uses, go ahead and dump the existing context and re-build a new one. Inelegant, but effective! Just wanted to throw that idea out there.