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No way to let it work!
I really followed step by step the ASCIIcast (first part: client side) working on the Ryan's store-before app from github (master).

I used gem "jquery-datatables-rails", "~> 1.11.2" with ruby 1.9.3 and rails (3.2.1, 3.2.3) on windows.

I checked links to files in the html head page source, every link point to its file.

Now I don't know where to look for debugging again!
Maybe there is a trick I missed?


I'm wondering if dynamic selects could work also when the model structure is similar to episode #196, with some fixes.

For example model like this (similar to surveysays):

table "countries"
t.string "name"

table "states"
t.integer "country_id"
t.string "name"

table "people"
t.integer "state_id"
t.string "name"

country has_many states
state belongs_to country
state has_many peoples
people belongs_to state

In this case the _form file in people view should contain a collection_select for countries which do not affect the database, but it is only used to populate the collection_select of states.

This should be very useful!