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Comments by Aki Ristkari


Thanks for excellent screencast. It's mind boggling to think how long Ryan has been producing these and never missing a week. Really stunning achievement. Thanks to this screencast I'm actually now trying out zsh and it feels really nice. There are loads of powerfull features.

Although I have to say that documentation you find via google can really bog you down. So this screencast really helped.

One noticeable difference I encountered is expansion of '..' and '~'. If I'm in subdirectory and want to touch/edit file higher on directory tree I usually type something like:
touch .. (this expands the prompt into: touch ../)

zsh doesn't seem to do that kind of expansion. Also hittin after typing ~ doesn't expand ~ into johndoe/ or ~/

At this point everyone with US keyboards are probably wondering why this is such a big deal? Well with scandinavian layout '/' is achieved with SHIFT+7 which is way more painfull to do instead of with your little-finger.

Trying to google for solution but if anyone has quick fix please let me know!