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Comments by Benjamin Harmless Huber


what do you think of the assert_linear_performance idea.

i like the idea of asserting the complexity itself instead of a specific time value.
sure it's something different but as far as it concerns tests that could/should brake if violated this idea sound interesting.


if you use the helpers like content_tag and use :data => { :articles => @articles }

they will be automatically converted to json and escaped correctly


do you mean if the guest profile would only be a simple nullobject instead of a whole AR object with a table?

there should be some nice content

you could define a simple method

def active_profile
  profile or

profile would be the normal association


ok seems it got lost in 3.x ;) sorry for bothering


probably this would be nice too in the show notes.

it seems to me that not very much people know about the built-in version.

just used it once. i dont even know if its also built-in in the current version of rails