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GitHub User: alhafoudh

Site: http://www.freevision.sk

Comments by Ahmed Al Hafoudh


Sometimes I am having with asset pipeline not get reloaded and the code itself.
It happend when I use this zero-downtime restart also regular restart.

To solve it I need to: cap unicorn:stop; sleep 10; cap unicorn:start

Has onyone encountered this?


Great screencast.

It would be cool if we could use helpers from Rails (number_to_currency etc.) in JS :( bu t that is not possible.


but the appointment will be of class Appointment not AppointmentDecorator, or?


is it possible to decoreate current_user ?


yes, but when you want to keep the lazy loading behaviour? doing that will hit the database immediately (well, has_many association is more problematic than belongs_to) what about that?


So this screencast is just creating draper library...? :)