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Where is the require method defined on the params hash? It seems like a useful method, but I couldn't find it in the rails API or the ruby hash documentation.


Nice episode. There is definitely a steep learning curve with chef. Here are a couple of libraries that make it simpler:

  • Knife-Solo - This allows you to remotely install chef on a blank machine using knife prepare and also allows you to push your recipes to your remote server using knife cook.

  • Librarian - This works like bundler for chef recipes. You define a Cheffile and list out what cookbooks you need, and it will download them and their dependencies into your cookbooks directory. If you have custom recipes, it is good to move them into a site-cookbooks folder so they don't get overwritten by librarian when you import your cookbooks. When you're ready, you can go back to knife-solo to push them out to your server.


I got my errors to go away by changing the mass_assignment authorizer to look like this:

def mass_assignment_authorizer(role = :default)
    super(role) + (dynamic_accessible_attributes || [])

I'm not sure if it's right, though.