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I started with the pre-release version of the new redcarpet gem and then went about modifying the helper you outlined in your screencast. Based on the following from the wiki for the gem

Rendering with the Markdown object is done through Markdown#render. Unlike in the RedCloth API, the text to render is passed as an argument and not stored inside the Markdown instance, to encourage reusability.

I tried to change your helper. This is the basics of what i tried. I clearly don't know enough to see what must be obvious to experienced programmers.

def markdown
  markdown = Redcarpet::Markdown.new(Redcarpet::Render::HTML,
        :autolink => true, :space_after_headers => true)

I have a policy model, so in my show view I tried something like.


Needless to say, this isn't working correctly for me. Thoughts, help?