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Oki my bad i found the solution in my Gemfile.

i forgot to add the new environment "staging" in the group where i declare all the gems i was using.

group :development, :test, :staging, :production do
gem 'will_paginate', '3.0'
gem 'devise', '1.5.3'
gem 'cancan', '1.6.7'

I hope it will help


When i had a new environment staging, i have some issues with my dependencies.

im using rails 3.2.1, with bundler 1.0

when i running
$> rails c staging

i m getting this error

/home/regis/RubymineProjects/bb-rails3/config/initializers/devise.rb:3:in `': uninitialized constant Devise (NameError)

But with
$> rails c development (no issue)
$> rails c production (no issue)

I found a trick, if i put in my application.rb
require 'devise'
require 'cancan'
require 'rails_config'

All the errors disappear why im doing wrong ?